after some time

It has been some time since I have posted about the Northern adventures I am having. Life is full and rich, and sometimes just being in it feels like the only thing one can do. 

Times now feel uncertain, with the swirling of change. One thing does feel certain, though: the place where I am now is full of magic. This is a powerful place where the land is abundant, and the community in which I make my path is diverse, vibrant. And, no matter what political persuasion it seems that folks here respect the environment that surrounds us, and have deep care for it. 

I had the opportunity to perform recently at Babefest III held in Fairbanks-- an event celebrating . The piece 'Wolf Dreams' is available for download on Bandcamp. As a cisgender female, this work is about the process of finding the complexity of one's own identity and power. Finding the support for this process is something very much on my mind as uncertainty and vitriol swirl. 

An audience member happened to film my performance.

Here are those 5 minute films (part 1, 2, 3).